Back in the creative groove

Crikey, is it really almost a year since I blogged? Yup!

I have to admit my creative mojo ran away from me over the Summer, sewing, knitting and crochet pretty much went on the back burner for almost 3 months, which is most unlike me. Slowly but surely it’s returned and I have a million creative ideas whizzing round my head again and an equal amount of WIPs/UFOs.

I’ve picked up my Attic24 Coast Ripple blanket again, it’s a MONSTER, big enough for a double bed, or at least it will be once I’m done…….

I’ve also started yet another knitting project, the zickzack scarf which is a free pattern from Ravelry designed by Christy Kamm. It’s super easy to knit, with a 12 stitch pattern repeat, however I’m a bit thick when it comes to knitting and I kept on having to rip it out and start again having lost count of the stitches. I stuck with it and started again and I think I have the hang of it now….

The yarn is gorgeous it’s Lang Yarns Mille Colori Baby  The scarf takes 4 skeins, you knit 2 rows with one ball, then the next 2 with the other. I’ve spotted lots of other versions on Instagram I love how it looks like a Missoni design.
The return of the mojo also means I have uploaded new stock to my Etsy Shop – 5 new patchwork cushion covers…
A friend of mine bought a couple of the non-festive cushion covers and they are proudly displayed on an amazing funky 1970’s basket chair which hangs from a frame, hopefully I will get a photo soon!
With Christmas approaching fast (well it is for Etsy sellers I guess!) I need to get cracking with making some more of my cosmetic/project bags very soon.


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