A new home and new stock in the shop

Well look at me Doris and Hazel has gone all dot com! Yes folks welcome to my new ‘grown up’ place on the web where I will to continue to share my creative ‘goings on’ and let you know what’s happening in the shop. Getting to grips with this new web set up has been relatively straight forward so far – the swear jar is only half full. It will be a learning experience for me for sure.

December 2016 was my very first Etsy Christmas and I’m very pleased to say that lots of lovely customers bought bags. When you make and sell things it can be very daunting –   you put yourself and your creations ‘out there’ and then chew your fingernails hoping someone will like what you make and when they do  it’s magic! Believe me every Etsy shop owner does a little ‘happy dance’ each and every time an item sells. So I’d like to say a  great big thank you to every single customer!

I’ve spent the time between Christmas and now gathering lots more fab fabric and I’ve just uploaded a selection of  new medium zipped pouches. These are padded and measure  approximately  22cmx15cm (9″x6″),  they fit nicely into a handbag and are large enough to fit smaller tablet devices (great for the 7″ Kindle Fire tablet).

Here’s a selection that can be found in the shop. I’m working hard on the production line and there’ll be more shop updates for the knitting project bags and notion purses very soon.


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