Vintage Heaven

I am an absolute sucker for a vintage sewing machine, I love them! I scour Gumtree, eBay and my local charity shops for these old beauties. I have some stunning old Singer machines, my favourite being my trusty 201k which I use whenever I can.

In the past month I have picked up a couple of absolute stunners. The first was a 1980’s Bernina 1020 in a local charity shop, this was such a find. The previous week I had missed out on a very similar machine at a very reasonable price on Gumtree which was snapped up. I was actually thinking about this as I was mooching about the shop and then I spotted it – almost the same machine for a fraction of the price, I practically threw myself on it! It is in full working order and came with a walking foot – yay! The only downside was that the accessories box with all the extra feet was missing and one of the pegs on the table extension was missing. No matter, I managed to source a replacement part from eBay so the table is stable now, and I got a foot adaptor which means I can use the feet from my modern (rather modest) Bernina. Isn’t she fab?


My latest find which I bagged from an Antiques shop last week is a real retro stunner. I’ve never seen a machine like it, it is BEAUTIFUL and in mint condition. It’s a Pinnock, a name I’d never heard before, made in Australia sometime in the 1960’s I think. Look at the colour! I needed to faff around a bit to get this treasure to sew nicely, but with a new needle, a wee clean and some oil I coaxed her into behaving. I still can’t get over how gorgeous she is, she’s been treated very well in the past and is amazingly clean.


At last count I have about 9 sewing machines now – eek! I can’t help myself.

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